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Performing Administrative Functions

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System Level Statistics

System Statistics

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The Spool Directory and Log Files

The Spool Directory

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Monitor System Log


Processing Rules

Overview of Processing Rules

Examples of Processing Rules

How Rules are Stored and Processed

Processing Rule Syntax

Storing Search Text in an External File

Adding an Inbound Processing Rule for a Host

Adding an Outbound Processing Rule for a Host

Adding an Inbound Processing Rule for a List

Adding an Inbound Processing Rule for a User

Adding Multiple Conditions to Rules

Determining Which Rule Trapped a Message


Mailing Lists

Mailing List Digest Options

List Parameters

Add a Rule for a List

The  Kill File for a List

List Syntax File

The No List File


Virtual Hosts

Adding Virtual Hosts

Modifying Virtual Hosts



Adding Aliases

Modifying  Aliases


Client Functions


Including a Signature

Change Signature

Changing Finger Information

Hiding LDAP Information

Changing a Password

Changing Mail Forwarding

Sending a Vacation Message

Changing a Vacation Message

Adding a Processing Rule

Managing the Address Book

Managing Mailboxes

Mailbox Summary

Sorting Messages in the Mailbox Summary

Creating an Automatic Response


Managing E-mail Messages

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Including Symbols in Original Message when Replying

Handling Deleted Messages


Setting Preferences

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Replying With or Without Original Message

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Displaying Messages Headers

Forwarding Messages with Edits

Forwarding Attachments

Showing Text Attachments as Text or Links

Sorting Messages in Ascending or Descending Order

Saving Outgoing Messages

Setting the Number of Messages displayed per page

Setting Java for Spell Check

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