Adding Multiple Conditions to Rules

Multiple conditions can be created for both inbound and outbound rules.  By using multiple conditions, you can often combine multiple rules into one, thus, saving time and creating a more compact rules file. Sometimes, a rule with only one condition is adequate to fulfill your requirements. However, there are times when you may want to create more complex rules, in these cases, you may want to use multiple conditions.

Example: If you want all e-mails from your supervisor containing information about �project updates� to be sent to a specific mailbox in your account, you would set a rule with two conditions: 1) the message must be from your supervisor; and 2) the message must contain the words �project updates� in the subject or message body of the e-mail.

To add a rule with multiple conditions:

  1. Follow the steps to creating a rule as described in Adding an Inbound Rule or Adding an Outbound Rule. Then, while on the rules dialog, create the first condition for the rule and click Add Condition.

  2. Click either the "Insert AND" or the "Insert OR" button. Click the Insert AND button to state that all the rule conditions must be met in order for the message to be trapped. Click the Insert OR button to state that at least one of the conditions must be met in order for the message to be trapped.

  3. Create the second condition as you did the first, then click OK.

  4. Continue adding conditions until you are satisfied with the rule, then do one of the following:

  5. When you are satisfied with the rule, click Finish to save your changes.