Alias Administration

Alias administration allows the administrator to add, display, modify, or delete an alias.

An Alias is another name for an e-mail address, a number of addresses, or an application. Do not create aliases that are identical to existing user IDs. Mail addressed to an alias that is identical to a user ID will go to the user account represented by the alias, not to the account represented by the user ID.

Types of Aliases

To Display an Alias

  1. First, select the appropriate domain from the list box.

  2. To display an alias, choose an alias from the list, click Display.

The Display of alias information page is displayed. This displays the Alias, Alias Type and the Destination for the specified alias.

Modifying an Alias

  1. To modify an alias, choose an alias from the list, then click Modify.

  2. Edit the alias information and click Save.

Deleting an Alias

To delete an alias, choose an alias from the list, and click Delete.

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