Thursday 22 Oct 2020

Book an exclusive event and have the place to yourself.
If you hold your event outside of operating hours, you'll enjoy exclusive access to Wonder Land and that includes all our 30 rides and attractions. You can hold your event in complete privacy and we'll go out of our way to ensure it's a grand success.
If you need to organize an exclusive formal diner, we will bring out our silverware. Alternatively, if live entertainment is just what you need to get your party going, we'll ensure the best DJs. We also respect cultural sensitivities and can cater for ladies only events. There's really nothing that we won't do to delight our guests.

Enjoy professional support for all your events.
Whether you want to organize a high profile event or an intimate gathering, you can count on Wonder Land event management team to take care of all your requirements.

A fun day out for your colleagues and their families.
Climbing the corporate ladder can be very tiring and sometimes you need to slide down and relax. At Wonder Land, you can do just that and have a great time with your colleagues and their families.

Book an exclusive event and have the place to yourself.
No matter what the event - a corporate family fun day, a product launch or a staff party - Wonder Landis the perfect venue and we have got the perfect team to help you plan, organize and ensure its success. Restaurants open outside of operating hours and until the end of your event.