Water Park Rides
23. Sports Pool.
Have fun with your friends in waist-deep water playing Volleyball, Basketball, or just fooling around!
24. Shoot the Rapids.
Push yourself over the precipice and experience a shear 40 foot drop, momentary weightlessness and a high speed surf across the water below. Don't worry, you won't get too wet

25. Children's Water Slides.
Located in a quiet corner of SplashLand these 5 slides are fun, fun, fun! Fully supervised with a shallow splashpool and gentle sloping slides means everybody can relax and have a great time.

27. Adult Activity Pool.
An activity pool designed for adventure and relaxation. Have a gentle swim in the shallow end to cool off, or hurtle down the Zip Line, Rambo style, into the deep end!

Children's Activity Pool

28. Children's Activity Pool.
Perfect for toddlers learning to swim. Slides, water cannons, bridges and tunnels all help to provide a fantastic interactive and safe environment for kids to develop their confidence in the water whilst having a ball!

30. Lazy River.
A never ending, meandering river flows around and around through a typically tropical landscape. Guests relax on large inflated rings, drifting along on the gentle current for as long as they like.

31. Twisters.
Three rides twisting in every conceivable direction - you won't know which way you're going until you splash into the landing pool at the bottom. Fantastic fun for all the family on an inflatable ring or bareback!

32. Surf Hill.
Line up with your friends, get ready, and go! This is an ultra high-speed race, which will leave you flying - literally. This is a water slide - but not as you know it! Surf hill is definitely one for the big boys!

34. Speed Slides.
Not for you if you like a gentler pace. It's not called a speed slide for nothing! Lie on your back and let the cushion of water launch you down.