A theme Park isn't a real Theme Park without the best in white-knuckle entertainment and WonderLand has got what it takes. We guarantee we've got what you're looking for - and more!

Space Shot

Experience the feeling of 4.5G space shuttle launch. Go from 0 to 130km/h in 2.5 seconds. The Space Shot is a once in a lifetime experience that you may regret but you'll never forget! This is serious fun for the seriously mad!


Once you're on, you can't get off! The most unpredictable multi-G-Force ride you're ever going to experience. The Terminator will launch you in every conceivable direction at unbelievable speed without warning. This isn't a ride, it's a matter of survival!

Surf Hill

Line up with your friends, get ready, and go! This an ultra high speed race which will leave you flying - literally. This is a water slide - but not as you know it! Surf hill is definitely one for the big boys!

Ring of Fire

Straight from the USA, this ride is very, very fast., and very, very big! It's a gentle start, but don't be fooled. You'll be soon  travelling at very high speed upside down 22m above the ground! A great view, if you can keep your eyes open!