Where to begin! This Park was designed for kids, of all ages. There are indoor and outdoor rides to suit all ages and abilities. We absolutely guarantee hours of fun for all children.

Family Entertainment Centre

A huge indoor air-conditioned centre with over 100 rides, arcade games, video games and a whole lot more. There's also a place for mum and dad to sit and relax whilst enjoying a tasty meal from Mithu's Nest café which is situated inside the centre.

Children's Activity Pool

Perfect for toddlers learning to swim. Slides, water cannons, bridges and tunnels all help to provide a fantastic interactive and safe environment for kids to develop their confidence in the water whilst having a ball!

Nessi Coaster

Roller Coaster rides often ignore the needs of the little ones - they want to have fun too! The Nessi Coaster is the perfect solution, providing all the coaster thrills and spills without the height restrictions!

Children's Slides

Located in a quiet corner of SplashLand these 5 slides are fun, fun, fun! Fully supervised with a shallow splashpool and gentle sloping slides means everybody can relax and have a great time.