Families need rides that are great fun for everybody without being too scary! WonderLand is loaded with family rides guaranteed to make you scream - but not too loudly!

Pirate Ship

Step onboard this huge ship and enjoy the gentle swaying under the captain's command. Don't relax too much though, by the time the ride is through, you will have enjoyed a fantastic aerial view of the park and quite a few moments of weightlessness!


Three rides twisting in every conceivable direction - you won't know which way you're going until you splash into the landing pool at the bottom. Fantastic fun for all the family on an inflatable ring or bareback!

Wave Swinger

Settle into one of the little chairs and gently enjoy the ride as the tempo builds. You'll soon be shooting past the treetops and then swooping down towards the ground. A gentle ride but swinging on waves can make you feel queasy!

The Coaster

Cruise gently to the top of the ride and enjoy a brief, but beautiful view over the treetops to the Creek before you plummet down into the first turn. Although you never go upside down, there are plenty of hair-raising turns and dips to keep the whole family holding on tight!